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New Oc!! -Burnum- by Naks-Ark New Oc!! -Burnum- by Naks-Ark
My entry for :iconpolaara:'s contest.

Name: Burnum ( means great warrior -Aboriginal origins- )
Race: Tasmanian Aborigini Age: 14 HT: 5'3 WT: 130 Ibs

Hobbies: climbing and hanging off trees, swimming, and tasting new and interesting foods.

Fav food: Ants, crickets, and other crunchy insects. Chiken and beef as well.
Least fav food: Pork, fish, vegetabels, and sweets.

Likes: chilling out in the tress, swimming, trying out new and interesting activites, plus playing pranks on his forster father Bao.

Dislikes: to much attention, arrgogance, chefs who cook pangolines, anyone who eats pangolines, people who hurt pangolines ( and animals in general ). He also hates taking bathes ( wierd I know, he loves swimming but hates bathes ). lol

Personality: Burnum's personality is very mild and doesn't have too many extremes. He isn't lazy but he enjoys hanging around, he isn't super active yet he does like keeping himself occupied. Burnum is perfectly fine with expressing himself and has no problem with getting on others about their bad traits either. He's not shy but doesn't really care for to much attention. He aslo has a hard time getting along with the opposite sex and talking to them -not sure why, he just feels nervous around girls-. The only "extreme" thing about Burnum would be his emotions. He can be very sensetive at times specially when it comes to defending himself and others.

Skills and Powers: Burnum is gifted with the Spirit of a…
. There are 2 types of pangolines; 1 the tree pangolins who have soft scales and an interesting cup like end of their tails for hanging off trees, and 2 the ground pangolines who have much harder scales, bigger body, and stronger claws than the tree pangoline. Burnum has both attributes of these types. Pangolines don't have teeth, however they do have a long sticky tongue for eating ants ( like an ant eater ). Burnum obviously has that attribute as well except Burnum has teeth. Burnum's teeth are much sharper than most humans teeth as well.
Burnum has perfect control with his powers and can transform any part of his body to that of a pangoline. He's also a very good swimmer like the pangolines as well. Good sense of hearing and smell.

Back Story__
Burnum was born in a small Aboriginal tribe on the Island of Tasmania. At age 1 a gorup of European settlers and Missionaries came to this tribe to take away all the Aborigina children. Burnum's mother however took her child and fleed to the coasatl edge of the Island. With the settlers and missionaries hot on her tale she quickly spots a some traders leaving the beach aboard a ship. Without another thought she ran and began to sneck her way onto the ship, a gun was fired but, she didn't bother to stop when finally she was aboard th ship and began to set sail. Not too long after Burnum's mother finds a wooden crate, opens it, and finds these strange porcupine like creatures inside. As she examend the space of the crate inside and the strange creatures, she noticed that one of them was a completely different color form the others and much smaller to. The strange creature kept itself rolled up and protected by it's long scaley tail. There was only enough room for the babe. She began to lower him in the the crate but falls in as well nearly crushing the other creatures inside. She yelped from the pain of the fall and realizes that she's bleeding! Most likely from the gun shot early. In pain she covered the crate and prayed that no one would find her bloody trail.

The babe began to fuss and cry, the mother in her pain treis to come the child down, but he can smell her blood and doesn't like the sent. A mysterious glow began to shine through the strange creature that stayed rolled up and never moved an inch since they fell into the crate. The creature's tail moved and under it layed a shiney brown and gold gem! 1 year old Burnum took the gen and swallowed it!! His mother now in a panic tries to make the child cough it up but nothing worked. Burnums small body began to glow like the gem but then he began to cry in pain. Finally the glowing stoped and 2 stange markings appeared on Burnum's forehead...

The following morning the crate was opend by a young Vietnamese chef named Bao. Bao nearly scared speechles notices the dying woman holding the baby in her arms and chanting, " Burnum, Burnum, Burnum...", After speaking these last words she died. The babe began to move about and cry as if he knew his mother's soul was gone...
Bao moved by the whole situation took the child as his own son and named himafter the last words the child's mother uttered...

As the years went by Bao noticed that the child wasn't completely human. Burnum's markings on his forehead would glow when ever he got upset and strange scales would grow through his flesh. At age 10 whenever Burnum got really upset he would develope sharp claws in seconds, then at age 12 he grew a long scaley tail! Bao being a chef who cooks all sorts of exotic creatures knew right away that some how Burnum was part Pangoline?! " Maybe the boy is a bad omen? Maybe he was sent to avenge all the pangolines who were cooked and eaten?!" lol Bao laughed at the thought -being the type of person that he is- he didn't care how it was possible for burnum to be what he is, he just knew he had to protect Burnum.

At age 13 Burnum expressed to Bao that he can hear the creis of the pangolines. He explained in detial to his foster father what the pangolines cry out. Now filled with regrets Bao decided to leave his job as a chef.

At age 14 Burnum began to hear more cries. But this time it wasn't from pangolines, it was from people! Then he began to have dreams about these people who happen to look just like him. Burnum spook to Bao about these dreams and with that Bao found the courage to explain to Burnum how he found him. Bao also explained to Burnum the situation of his people back on the island of Tasmania. Bao expressed to Burnum that he must return to his mother's homeland and help save his people from the settlers and missionaries that threaten the Aboriginal way of life and race.

NOTE: Burnum's story takes place during the period of the "Stolen Generations" or "Stolen Children" which took place between approximately 1869 and 1969. More info….

I was inspired to use the Pangoline and Aboriginal people for my entry to 1. Perhaps peek the interest of others to learn aout the Aboriginal people and their way of life which struggles to stay alive, 2. Billed awareness of the Pangolins which are a threatened speices do to trafficing for there meat and scales.
Learn more here:
So aside from Burnum being an extremely cool and creative character he also has a much deeper purpose as well ^^

material used:
Blick markers for coloring, 1 copic sand color, and 1 gray watercolor pencil.
Deleter paper.
Microns for inking.
1 white Gel pen.

Other pics of burnum here:…

Please excuse the miss-spellings -didn't have time to spell check- :P
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Thank you so much :)

I'm surprised I still comments on my old work ^^
battlecruiser006 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
you're welcome.
MGartist Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student General Artist
You should make a comic out of this. Interesting back story and info. :)
Naks-Ark Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student General Artist
But i've decided to put him in a special story of my Dragon Masters_V series :P
studioodin Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012   Traditional Artist
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Naks-Ark Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Student General Artist
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Uhhhhh... very cool! The position is really a headache and it must be the hell to draw it!:-)
Naks-Ark Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank qu ^^
Um yes and no, im pretty good with poses actaully, as long as I do a skeleton or dummy doll rough sketch its really easy to trace over. Once you understand perspective and anatomy poses are like butter. XD
Art-Of-Anime Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist
yea, not what i was expecting lol. but none the less just awesome. good design and backstory
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Lol no worries man, Im a nitpicker sometimes too XP
Thanks btw!!
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wooow such detail the picture and the storyline :)
Naks-Ark Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Student General Artist
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I would've made the story shorter but I wanted to make it emotional I geuss XP
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